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The Shunammite Woman’s Faith

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“The Shunammite Woman’s Faith: Navigating Life’s Challenges with Unwavering Trust in God’s Promises”

Today, a heaviness enveloped me upon receiving disappointing news. Despite navigating through the day, I found myself struggling to divert my mind from dwelling on the negative. I consciously urged myself to focus on the positive aspects, reminding my mind to appreciate what I have instead of dwelling on perceived losses. As thoughts raced through my mind, I could almost hear my heart pounding, acknowledging the stark reality that, despite life's disappointments, I am blessed. Reflecting on all that I can call my own, especially the blessings of my marriage, provided solace amid the waves of disappointment crashing against me.

This year marks seven beautiful years of an incredible marriage with my husband. However, a sudden jolt brought me back to reality, as the news, sharp as a knife, pierced through my thoughts, leaving me feeling defeated and disheartened once again.

Acknowledging these moments of weakness, I realize I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed when life doesn't unfold according to our plans. We grapple with conflicting expectations and outcomes, questioning our actions and contemplating how we could have influenced a better result. Taking a deep breath, I reaffirm that I am not weak-minded; I am a woman of God, walking in His promises, armed with courage and valor that cannot be easily shattered.

Interestingly, as I turned to the Bible for solace and guidance today, I found myself drawn to the story of the Shunammite woman, making it the topic of this blog.

Yet, there are circumstances that can leave us shattered, torn into a million pieces, only to be painstakingly reassembled. Reflecting on the story of the Shunammite woman in 2 Kings 4, I am struck by her extraordinary faith. When her son died on her lap, her initial response was a passive declaration that "everything is alright." I can't help but ponder how I would react in a similar situation and marvel at her strength.

To grasp the depth of her faith, we must rewind and understand her journey. Described as a "prominent and influential woman" (2 Kings 4:8 AMP), she and her elderly husband had longed for children until the prophet Elisha prophesied that she would conceive. A year later, her promised child was born, a clear answer to their prayers. However, tragedy struck when the child fell ill and died on her lap (2 Kings 4:20).


Crucially, when Elisha initially prophesied about the child, the Shunamite woman responded with skepticism, telling him, "No, my Lord. O man of God do not lie to your servant" (2 Kings 4:16 ESV). This reaction suggests a history of disappointments and a deep-seated fear of further heartbreak. She may have endured numerous disappointments and possibly lost hope of ever becoming a mother.

Now, let's shift our focus to her response after her son's death.

Rather than succumb to grief, she took her son's lifeless body and laid him on the prophet's bed in the upper room, a spare room built for Elisha. Without informing her husband of their son's death, she simply assured him, "It will be alright." Her actions spoke of a resolute determination to seek out the prophet.


On a mission, she requested a donkey and a servant from her husband and set out to find Elisha. When asked about her well-being by Elisha's servant, she maintained her composed facade, stating, "It is well." Her suppressed anger and frustration were evident as she confronted Elisha, questioning why he had given her false hope.


Elisha responded by sending his servant ahead with specific instructions to revive the child. However, it wasn't until Elisha himself arrived that the child was brought back to life.


The Shunammite woman's story is a testament to unwavering faith in the face of adversity.

Despite initial doubts and heartbreaking circumstances, she demonstrated incredible strength, perseverance, and an unyielding trust in God's promises. Her journey inspires us to confront our disappointments with faith, resilience, and the belief that, ultimately, it will be well.

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